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The aim, depending on the size of the escalator, is to carry out cleaning in such way as to avoid interrupting the operating hours of the installation. Not only is the result of cleaning escalator steps and pallets visually pleasing, it also improves fire safety and increases the installations life span. Step cleaning includes the following:


  • Cleaning of steps or pallets all-round;

  • Replacement/cleaning of wheels or bearings of escalator steps or pallets;

  • Application of a refreshing layer (spray painting);

  • Overhaul work on steps or pallets


We use an environmentally safe care system for both cleaning and waste disposal processes.



G-rib (rib repair)


Mulder Montage have developed a method for the repair of worn ribs on the standing areas of escalator steps and moving walk pallets. This patented method is based on repair using a filler material, returning the worn rib to its original form. 

Step revision

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