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Handrails can be repaired and replaced. Not only with old installations but also with new ones.

When do you need a handrail technician:


  • When an escalator or a moving walk is extended the handrail must be extended as well;

  • From the factory installations are sometimes (consciously) delivered without a balustrade, and so without a handrail;

  • Handrails can be damaged in the long term wherefore replacement is needed.



A handrail in origin exists of two lose ends. To create a closed handrail, those ends need to be attached by vulcanising.

The vulcanisation of the handrails is a process were the two ends of the handrail are melded together. The pre-process of vulcanising is a specialised process of cutting.

A new handrail, without any visual marks of replacement or reparation, is the result.

Vulcanize handrails

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