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Mulder Montage BV

A complete service for manufacturers and operators of escalators and moving walks



Originally Mulder Montage was a transport company called Mulder Transport founded by Mr. Mulder in 1971. The transportcompany transported products including escalators and moving walks for escalator manufacturers.

In those days it was common for escalator manufacturers to install their products as well as produce them.It turned out that Mulder Transport was able to transport and install these faster and cheaper than the escalator manufacturersthemselves. This led to the first installation assignment in 1973, building the metro in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.Thus Mulder Montage was born and from that moment on we gained experience installing and disassembling escalators.





In the past 15 years, more than 200 metro, railway station and airport projects have accomplished. Mulder Montage has been involved in various prestigious projects both in and outside of Europe.

For example with the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium, Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, England, Museum Le Louvre in Paris, France and the Ben Goerion airportin Tel Aviv, Israel.



Complete Service


Mulder Montage offers complete service provisions to manufacturers and operators of escalators and moving walks.

From installation, disassembly, completion and making installations operational up to and including transport, temporary storage and maintenance. 

As well as comprehensive services, Mulder Montage is specialised in developing innovative products for escalators and moving walks. 

The engineering department combines their practical expertise and experience with the latest techniques and develops products that contribute to the quality, safety and the lifespan of the installations.

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