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Renovation Metro Oostlijn, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The escalators at the underground stations have not been replaced since 1970.

40 new escalators are therefore changed at 13 different stations. This mainly took place at night.

Most escalators are situated above the ground. However, 13 of the 40 escalators are situated underground, which means that the transport had to be realised by railway.

During this work the voltage at the underground tunnel was zero to guarantee safety.



Because safety is becoming increasingly important, the installations are fitted with the Lightspeed detection system, which has been developed by Mulder Montage.

It can detect whether a person or an object has become jammed between the stairs and the base plate. By means of this detection the moving staircase can be switched off. 



This is an article that was written in the Liftinstituut Magazine number 307. 

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