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We install more than 500 escalators & moving walks per year...

Thank you for visiting us at 'interlift 2015'

November, 2015

From October 13 till October 16 we've participated at the Interlift 2015 fare in Augsburg Germany.


We would like to thank you for your time and interest in our services and products.

See our innovations at 'interlift 2015'

October, 2015

We invite you to stop by and see our new products and innovations regarding escalators and moving walks. Interlift is from 13 till 16 October in Ausburg, Germany.


You can find us at hall 4, stand 4119


Longest Escalators in The Netherlands Assembled by Mulder Montage

May, 2015

Mulder Montage B.V. has assembled the longest escalator in The Netherlands in the past week. This escalator is placed station Vijzelgracht, a new underground station in the Amsterdam NZL project. The escalator has a length of 47 meter and is assembled in 4 pieces. The rise of the escalators is 19,57 meters. A timelapse has been made of the assembly of the escalators, which you can view here.

Trust the Cloud

September, 2014

Trust the Cloud on UNSEEN international photo fair. Created by Phanta Visual in collaboration with Mulder Montage, Publi-Air, Studio Stomp and the University of Amsterdam.


The artwork transforms a riveting experience into a brief digital moment. After taking an escalator up several meters, visitors are invited to jump into an inflatable cloud of light. The jump, which will be photographed and uploaded to ‘the cloud’, can be seen for a brief amount of time before disappearing, much like the act itself. With the project, Phanta Visual hopes to make the abstract ‘cloud’ tangible, even if just for a moment. The artwork can be experienced and enjoyed by all.

For more information see this brochure or go directly to the invitation for your entry ticket. 


We will launch the artwork the 17th of September 2014.


The new website of Mulder Montage

October 1, 2013

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